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    Have you gotten any further on this razmaz51? I'll be able to look at it properly on the weekend.
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      No i been trying and tried the Enum suggestion mentioned on last page in this post , but it still will not play the correct sound for the answer text that is clicked, I put answer sound and answer sound 2 sound wave variables and directed one to answer sound and one to answer sound 2 so they were separated code playing on separated sound wave variables, but still wont do it.


        Its a little spagettied up but it like this. Click image for larger version

Name:	answer-enum.png
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          Basically most of the spagetti is the target pins going to the audio. Not even sure if the Enum thing will work , but someone suggested it so I figured I try it. On page 1 in the post , the last pic is the data table with answer 0 and answer 1 , each has its sound field ,but it always plays the first answer sound , even when I click the first or second answer text. If I connect the "element " variable to the "get" node coming in to break the answer struct , then it always plays the second answer sound , even if I click the first. (or like I say , with the element connected up to the "get" , its possible it may be playing both sounds in order but I only hear the second sound). I normally would think it shouldn't be too hard to get the sound to play for the same answer I click.But it been stubborn.
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            Just spent the last couple hours creating a dialogue system and I can replicate your problem. I think we need to do another pass on the audio - I can get the first line of dialogue to show as text and play a sound but although the second line of text shows the audio isn't playing.

            Gonna keep at it

            Going to have to come back to this. My setup is a little different to yours, but I can't get the second sound cue to play either. I have a feeling that this is because we're not moving through the Data Table rows properly. Although my text dialogue moves on, the Line ID keeps dropping back to 1 - it never actually gets to 2 when I interact with the NPC to get the next line of dialogue. The dialogue comes up as text, but not as audio...

            I think that whatever is driving the text dialogue along isn't interacting with the sound cue in the same way - but I can't figure it out...

            I'll take another look tomorrow. It is pretty stubborn!
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              Thanks for checking into this. At least I know that it's not just me, it is stubborn , no?



                I used Ryan Laley's dialogue setup ( and updated it to include audio.

                I've tested this on 2 lines of dialogue but haven't tested it on 3.

                Although I have a DialogueAudio_ID I never used it - could be useful but isn't integral in this setup.

                In the NPC Character BP, NPC_ID is 1 and Conversation_ID is 1. Also, go to Class Settings > Interfaces > Add BPI_Interact (or whatever you've called it) to access the Interact Event in the Event Graph.

                There should be 18 images here... The image order's a bit messed up. The top one with the mannequin in it shows you what you'll ned to make int he Content Browser. Then scroll down to the bottom and go up.

                I'm thinking of making a tutorial to show this tbh, if Ryan's ok with me using his as a base.

                Click image for larger version  Name:	bandicam-20200427-141108281.jpg Views:	0 Size:	460.5 KB ID:	1751596Click image for larger version  Name:	bandicam-20200427-141747941.jpg Views:	0 Size:	390.5 KB ID:	1751613
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                  Well I got all the dialogue setup and tied with quest system , I am just missing the ability to access both answer sounds as clicked. Is there a part of what you show that I can use to access the sounds without redoing the whole thing? thanks


                    Ah... of course! Sorry!

                    I'm going to apologise in advance because I'm about to ask you a lot of questions but this is just so I can better understand what's going on in your setup and how we can fix this

                    On the first page of this thread, you have the Sound Wave type added - what's updating this?

                    In your screenshot on this page, you have the Get Audio node - how is that being updated? It looks like it's separate from the Structure and that might be why it's only playing one sound or only playing once - how is this Get Audio node getting updated with a new sound? (If it was an Array it could have multiple values, but if it's not it'll just have one value. If nothing's coming through to update the Get Audio node elsewhere in your BP when you flip to the second line of dialogue, this could be the problem.)

                    How are you calling your Structure data from within the BP? Using the Get Data Table Row node will call all of the columned data on a specified row and might be the best solution.

                    How do you have your structures and tables set up? I can see 4 different Structures on your page 1 screenshots - are they all unique or are they controlled by a master Structure? Just trying to get an idea of how big a task you're dealing with

                    I think the simplest solution is to store the audio within the Structure itself by adding a type Sound Cue and assigning cues to each line of dialogue in the table. That would use your existing setup.

                    Alternatively, depending on how much work is involved for you, if you had an independent Structure containing all the dialogue, text, character names, locations... whatever you need to use for each quest/area/character or whatever works for you, then you can use the Get Data Table Row node in a BP to call all of the data stored in that row of the Structure. That would include the corresponding Sound Cue, which you can hook up to a Play Sound 2D node (or Play Sound At Location, if you need to have it coming from the NPC).

                    For Data Tables, Enums, etc. check out Mathew Wadstein's YouTube:
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                      Well that " get " node goes up to a segment, or I should say the "answers" array on the segment goes down to that " get " node.(the arrow points to the line going down to the "get" node that's circled in the second pic.).But the "answers array" is for the answer text , not sound.There is a dialogue sound variable on that upper segment as well , but that is for the NPC speaking, and so there is only one sound needed for him. From there in " Event answer clicked" I just tied in the answer struct there. In the answer struct I tried an "answer index" (giving answer 1 an index of 1 and answer 2 an index of 2) , but I couldn't get that to work. Also I tried adding two answer sounds on the answer struct , putting the first answer on "answer sound" , and the second answer on "answer sound 2 ", and using the switch on enum to try and play those separately, but that didn't work either so far. Also I tried to use a couple Booleans on the answer struct as is shown on there (Answer 0? and Answer 1?.Click image for larger version  Name:	Segment-to-get-node.png Views:	0 Size:	389.5 KB ID:	1752929Click image for larger version  Name:	break-answer-struct.png Views:	0 Size:	504.8 KB ID:	1752930 , but had no luck with those either.
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                        And so this is the how the answers are in the data table. Yet they are all in one data table row. Click image for larger version

Name:	answers-in-data-table.png
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                          I mean the data table seems to differentiate the answers by answer 0 and answer 1.


                            Have you tried having separate rows for each Answer?

                            I know you don't want to change too much of your current setup, but why not test this and see if it works?

                            I'm still not clear on how you're getting the table data and I think you might be treating the entire table as one repository for everything you need? If you set up your table with Quest ID, Answer ID, Sound Cue field etc then you can use it for every conversation in your game. You could have a look at the quest system used in Skyrim; the modding tools let you see how the developers arranged quests and dialogue.

                            I think your current setup is trying to call data on one row?
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                              That sounds amazing Valkyrie_Sound, I would eat that up for sure. I'm a novice at using UE4 itself for sound design, and know absolutely nothing about implementing Wwise into it, so that would be super helpful!

                              Cameron Dale


                                Thanks PkCamel! Wwise is definitely on my list
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