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Blender 2.8/mixamo anims and avatar

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    Blender 2.8/mixamo anims and avatar 369mb zip...

    2400 anims, give or take, downloaded by page with avatar ready to drag and drop into ue4 if you just need a master rig... all of the anims that had an 'in place' option are in place...

    2800 tris rig in blend28 if you wish to work thru blender... if you use your own mix rig, make sure to name your armature 'Root'... if the anim runs a bit slow, go into the shader and dis-connect the normal map... (EDIT) oops, the avatar mesh dimensions i uploaded to mixamo were, x=1.75m y=.3m z=1.82m... in case you want to try and match your mesh as close as possible

    i added a page by page catalog of 10sec mp4's to help hack thru the jungle of anims...
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    rigged to mannequin skeleton or mixamo standard skeleton?


      rigged to mixamo standard rig