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GameplayAbilitySystem (GAS) Documentation and Multiplayer Sample Project

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    [TUTORIAL] GameplayAbilitySystem (GAS) Documentation and Multiplayer Sample Project

    Hi all,

    I wrote down my knowledge of working with the GameplayAbilitySystem plugin for the past year on my Paragon Demo into a sort of unofficial personal documentation and included a simple multiplayer-ready third person shooter sample project.

    Maybe it'll help someone learn how to use this powerful system.

    Abilities implemented in the sample project:
    Ability Input Bind Predicted Blueprint or C++ Description
    Jump Space Bar Yes C++ Makes the character jump.
    Gun Left Mouse Button No C++ Shoots the gun. Shooting animation is predicted but the projectiles are not.
    Aim Down Sights Right Mouse Button Yes Blueprint Character walks slower and aims down ironsights.
    Sprint Left Shift Yes Blueprint Character runs faster while draining stamina.
    Forward Dash Q No* Blueprint Character dashes forward. *Set up to be predicted but RootMotionSource AbilityTasks are bugged since 4.20.
    Passive Armor Stacks Passive Ability No Blueprint Character passively gains armor stacks up to 4. Each instance of damage reduces an armor stack.
    Meteor R No Blueprint Player expends mana to target an area and drops a meteor on enemies doing AOE damage and stunning them.

    Thank you for this! Very detailed and useful documentation.