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Bot Arena (Open Source C++ AI project)

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    [TUTORIAL] Bot Arena (Open Source C++ AI project)

    Hello everyone,

    I created a "Bot arena" project that simulates a few AI behaviors in a "Team Deathmatch" game. Each AI agent has sight and hearing senses to perceive their nearby environment. By utilizing their senses and asking the environment various questions using the Environment Query System (EQS) of the engine each AI decides his next move.

    Here's a quick gif of the project:

    And here's a video preview of the project:

    Some of its current features are:
    • AI senses that include:
      • Hearing and
      • Sight
    • A behavior tree that contains custom:
      • AI Tasks and
      • AI Services
    • Several Environent Queries and Environment Contexts in order for the bots to identify the best location that they need to reach based on several parameters:
      • Their health
      • Ammo count
      • Their enemies position (so they can line of sight them in case they need to retreat)
    • Custom areas and nav links where each bot can decide to either crouch or stand

    The project is written in C++ (version 4.23 of the engine - 4.22 version is also available in its own branch) and it's open source.
    Checkout the

    full features on my website
    and download it from

    my GitHub repo

    Have a nice day!
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    This is great, thanks for the repo aswell !