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Illumination Detection System for Blueprints

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    [TOOL] Illumination Detection System for Blueprints

    Do you want to have your player be able to hide in the shadows from AI? Are you looking for a puzzle mechanic involving object lighting? Would you like a dynamic solution to these issues? Here's something that might help!

    I've built out a component-based system that aids the user in determining a superficial illumination intensity & color value for an object/actor/player character/whatever that can be used for applications like stealth light/shadow mechanics or puzzle games.

    Probe components account for point, spot, directional & sky lights, as well as custom "illumination volumes" in box or sphere shape for LPV injected emissive objects. (Note: LPV emission injections are broken in 4.20, the version this video was recorded in, but in case it makes it back into the engine or another solution comes up/people need to identify custom illumination areas, this is a workable solution.)

    In the attached post are some download links and instructions. Let me know if you have any questions/suggestions!

    Thanks I am, going to try this out with one of my VR stealth projects