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    [TUTORIAL] Open World Tutorial Series - CodeLikeMe

    I have started a brand new tutorial series on developing open world games with unreal engine 4. In this series, I am going to start from scratch and going to develop the game until I have a complete game. I usually upload 1 video per day and each video contains explanations and methods I am following. It will also contain the mistakes I do as well, I am not going to edit them and remove from the videos as those mistakes are also good for learning

    Here is the link to full playlist :

    This will contain all the components required to develop an open world game including

    - Developing tiled landscapes with world machine and unreal
    - Character movement and blendspaces
    - melee combat
    - Enemy AI using behavior trees
    - Bow and Arrow
    - Horse Riding
    - Inventory system and resource gathering.
    - stealth mechanics
    - IK for horse and human characters

    ..... and many more. updating everyday.

    Feel free to request new tutorials and let me know what you guys think about my work

    Nice initiative !! =D



      I just spotted this and will certainly take a good look later. I was looking for something to get my teeth into Unreal Engine. One thing I'm particularly interested in is user placed static meshes, the ability to texture them and save in the world. The idea behind it is the user creating a simple house/home - like just placing a few walls and roofing, then allowing the playing just to change the wall color.

      If you are able to and it is of interest, would you be able to do a tutorial on this?

      Thank you in advance



        Paulhaydock1982 Thanks, I will post here if i could do something like this