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Need help for Project (Beginner) - lock object at location (overlap) Puzzle

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    [TUTORIAL] Need help for Project (Beginner) - lock object at location (overlap) Puzzle

    Hey, im a complete beginner and could use some advice for an issue i want to solve: So i want to make a puzzle game. I will have an imported model consisting of several components/objects.
    I now want to make a transparent copy of this model and then spread out the components in the area.
    Then the character should be able to grab the components and rotate them. When The character hold the components at the correct spot (of the transparent model place) and has rotated it accordingly (maybe at a certain percentage of compliance); I want the object to trigger at its slot and stay there/fixate it. When every component is at it's place the puzzle is done.
    To programme the grabing and rotating will be no problem. But i do not know how to get to the object fixation by overlapping it with a hitbox (?). Does somebody has an idea and simply explain how to get there? Or is there even a Tutorial of something similar? Also completly different ideas with the same outcome would help alot.

    Do you know where i can find a tutorial to this? Or a picture of a script? I can not be the first who wants to lock an object at a particular location
    Thanks alot!
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    On overlap, give transform/location as you want and then - use node "Set Mobility" for that mesh, or mesh component of that actor. Set it to "Static".


      In future, please post these type of question in the correct forum category (blueprint visual scripting):