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    [PLUGIN] Free Radar Chart Widget


    Because I needed this type of chart for my own project, and couldn't find already existing ones, I decided to just write it by myself in C++.
    And because I saw some other guys asking for how to make that stuff I thought I might share it, maybe it helps someone.

    Plugin v 1.02 (for 4.22) :

    test game built:

    example project - plugin needed :

    This plugin adds an customizeable Radar Chart Widget to Unreal.
    Thought to be used inside UMG Designer or at least with the UWidget class with code, but if the use with the underlying slate class is desired, please let me know and I'll change it it.

    • Multiple Value layers with different styling (e.g. previous values and current or balance of different characters stats, ......).
    • Color Coding for each segment.
    • Animated (panning) textures, displayed either in normal UV layout or concentrical (all segments point towards the center and use a UGradient style layout).
    • Texts and Icons as labels
    • Show/Hide/Style anything
    • Supports three different material blendmodes (opaque, transparent, additive) for the background and the value layers.
    • Works with Unreal's render transforms.
    • Keep ratio or stretch to fill

    Technical Information

    Written 100% in C++ and using Slate, but exposed to Blueprints.

    It should be compatible with all platforms, but the plugin is only precompiled for Win, Android and HTML. I do not own an Apple device, so I'm not able to precompile it for these devices.
    But because the source code is included you can do it by yourself if you need it.

    If you use it in an Blueprint-only project and want to use the project launcher you must package your project (file->package project) for the desired platform with development/shipping, or the project launcher throws an Missing Receipt error back. Code and mixed projects should be fine, because they compile with the project launcher.
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    [PLUGIN] Free Radar Chart Widget

    Updated: v1.01

    Now the value layers can also have an colored outline. Recommended to use the outline because it hides the aliasing of the polygonal shape.

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    [PLUGIN] Free Radar Chart Widget


      Updated: v1.02

      Added convenience function setting the values per layer without the need to set the whole valuelayers struct array. Should've implemented it from v1.0, duh..
      If you set multiple values at once, only set invalidate true in the last one, therefore the widget doesn't redraw multiple times.
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      [PLUGIN] Free Radar Chart Widget


        Thanks´╝îIt's perfect!


          This is very useful. Thank you very much


            ok stupid question XD you drag and drop it to a project directory and its good to go ? no need to enable it somewhere?



              You have to put it into the projects' s plugin folder. "MyProject/Plugins". If this folder doesn't already exist, create it.
              And then activate it inside the engine plugins window, restart the engine, now it's available inside the umg editor window.

              [PLUGIN] Free Radar Chart Widget