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Jims Tutorials & Free Assets - (Currently working on Animation from Blender)

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    [TUTORIAL] Jims Tutorials & Free Assets - (Currently working on Animation from Blender)

    I've been working with and learning UE4 for several years and i'd like to share some of things i've learned and give something back to the community.

    About Me

    I have not been very active on this forum for quite some time... My whole life got turned upside down in early 2018, i was made homeless (again) and then a couple of months later my 3 year old daughter joined me... to cut a long story short i'm now a full time solo parent and we are finally settled into a home together

    Armed with a pretty good laptop i've just about managed to continue making YouTube videos and i have many more planned but i simply have not had the chance to continue working on any other projects (It's a total pain to get anything other than father/daughter gaming videos done with a child to look after 24/7)

    I'm willing to make many free assets by request (Usually with CC licenses) as this is primarily a hobby for me, i make a living as a specialist detail painter... most of the time anyway but i'm a jack of all creative trades i guess i've done all sorts of arty jobs. It would however be really awesome to move into this industry professionally so i could work from home more...

    I'm confident with blueprint/code logic and enjoy level design but i'm more specialised in character animation and mechanics than anything else.

    My Links

    My YouTube:

    My Faceboook:

    My Twitter:

    Any feedback is really useful and i'm happy to help with any problems if i can!

    (Comments on my YouTube videos are much appreciated but have to be approved by me, i always approve negative comments if they are relevant)

    To Do List (Scroll down for completed and current videos/projects/assets)

    - Continue neatening and presenting this post

    - Record the making of a more detailed physics asset for Mr Mannequin. (Will upload the physics asset result once it's finished)

    - Re-record my localized physics simulation tutorial videos. (I have done a huge update and the whole system has been much improved)

    - Finish off my Mannequin rig for Blender. (Once i'm used to Blender 2.8 i'll record the last couple of videos and upload the rig for everyone to use)

    - Record the creation of tripping and falling animations for the localized physics simulations trip and fall system. (Testing is done but i need to actually make them all)

    - I should really finish the animations i made for this community project: (I need give the anims a go over with my improved mannequin rig first though)

    - Record a tutorial for a full character mutilation system that i have almost finished (it works with the localized simulation system)

    - Record a tutorial for a drag and drop inventory system i've nearly finished that just needs to be bug tested (it includes a crafting and character stats system)

    - Figure out what i should do with my anatomically accurate human body rig and meshes (I've been working on it for several years... more than 3000 bones, muscles, organs etc)

    Walkthrough/Guide/Tutorial Videos

    So i'm using a sort of recording interface i came up with to make these videos so i can add step by step instructions and notes down the side of the video without getting in the way of the programs used. I decided to do this so you can pause videos in order to follow along...

    i've watched hundreds of tutorials and i have always found it very frustrating having to constantly replay or memorise instructions that are given in order to follow them... my written note/instruction system should eliminate having to replay bits as well as meaning more experienced viewers can skip through the videos to find the numbered instructions instead of watching me prattle on about the basics.

    Also if you dont like my voice or want to listen to music you can mute the video and still follow along!

    I've been working on improving my video quality for nearly two years now and i feel they have only been getting half decent for about the past six months... So give my early videos the benefit of the doubt please!

    Mr Mannequin From Blender To UE4 (Blender 2.79... Update to 2.8 coming soon but everything is working perfectly so far!)

    Almost everything you might need to know about rigging the Mannequin for animation in Blender!

    Spine Mirror Fix & Basic Twist Bones

    Floor Constraints & Finger IK

    Inverse Kinematic Stiffness

    Other Constraints & Foot Mirror Fix

    Organization & Better Floor Constraints

    Improved Twist Bones

    No More Switching IK & FK

    Improved Finger IK Controls

    Mr Mannequins Shooting Fist (First video uses Blender 2.79)

    How to make the Mannequin shoot his fist, switch to and from taking control of it flying around as well as allowing it to bounce on a specified amount hits before returning the fist to then be re-attached.

    Animating & Exporting

    Import & Retarget

    Animation Blueprint, Montages & Blending

    Collision, Aiming & Firing

    Player Controlled Projectile & Fist Recovery

    Blending Animation With Localised Physics Simulation (Uses SimpleOnlyArmPunch animation attached to this topic)

    This is an old tutorial and i have greatly improved the entire system and started work on a locational damage system to go with it... Big update coming soon!

    Intro & Setup

    Testing Collision

    Simulation Events

    Simulation Tick

    Movement Restriction

    Free Assets

    Anything i make that either i want to give away for free or only took me a few minutes to make will appear in the topics attachments until i reach the forum limit then i'll turn the whole lot into google drive links. (Or maybe i'll just reply to myself and put links to the replies or something... i'm not too sure and it isnt a problem right now)

    If there are any CC licences i will specify and place links and put a .txt in the .zip file with details. (Usually it will be Attribution & Sharealike if there are any)

    Simple Arm Only Punch Animations (

    Designed to be used with the Blending Animation With Localised Physics Simulation video series.
    Supplied as .FBX files just import them straight on to the Mannequin skeleton, only one arm is animated in each so you will need to blend the animation from the upper arm bone in blueprint.

    (No license/Public Domain. Do whatever you like with them but some credit would be nice)
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    Thank you for these tutorials! Animation is one of the hardest systems in UE4 for me to work with.


      Hi Jim. Thanks for your great work! It's awesome!