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Free C++ Character Controller Class FPS/TPS

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    Free C++ Character Controller Class FPS/TPS

    Been using UE4 for a few months now. Most of my early work was done with Blueprint, but as I'm getting into more complex stuff, I'm finding I want to use C++ more. It's been close to a decade since I've written any production C++ code, though, and I find that I learn things best when I have a real hands-on project to use. So, I self-assigned myself the task of writing a switchable first/third person controller in C++.

    I've put the code up on GitHub for anyone who might be interested. I plan to keep expanding this, adding camera modes to support different game styles, allowing on-the-fly mesh switching (to support FPS arms), etc.

    It still has a few rough edges, but the basics work pretty well. The only major problem right now is that walking backwards in First Person mode causes a strange camera jitter. As soon as I figure out what's causing it, I will push a fix.

    Since this is the first meaningful C++ I've done in years and the first Unreal C++ I've ever done, there is definitely room for improvement. Feel free to poke me where I deserve it or make suggestions.

    I'm placing no restrictions whatsoever on the use of my code and no attribution is required, though I'm happy to take bug fixes and enhancements, just send me a pull request.

    Epic, of course, still owns all the other bits, which are subject to the standard licensing terms.

    And if anyone knows what's causing the weird camera jitter please let me know. If there are other camera modes you'd like to see added to the controller, let me know.

    Thanks Jeff, ill take a look.