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BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) plugin for Unreal Engine

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    [PLUGIN] BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) plugin for Unreal Engine

    Hello! Check out our Unreal Engine plugin that allows scanning for BLE devices with Cycling Power service running, connect to one of them and subscribe for its notifications. It is completely open-source, so feel free to use it.

    This is what the plugin is able to do:
    • Works in Unreal Engine 4.20 for both iOS and Android platforms
    • Check if bluetooth Low Engergy is supported on the device
    • Check if bluetooth is enabled
    • Enable/disable bluetooth" (Android only)
    • Scan for bluetooth devices that have the "Cycling Power" service running
    • Connect to one of the found BLE devices from within the Unreal Engine app
    • Subscribe to the "Cycling Power" -> "Cycling Power Measurement" notifications
    • Return the received notification data as byte array to Unreal Engine
    Project on GitHub:

    Join our Discord server ( and ask us anything!
    Check out our MARKETPLACE plugins:

    That sounds super nice - Looking forward to test it right now