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[Tutorial] How to run Unreal Engine 4 on Low-End Devices (+More!)

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  • [Tutorial] How to run Unreal Engine 4 on Low-End Devices (+More!)

    I did Indeed!
    I did not!
    I don't know..?
    Hello there everyone!

    Want to run Unreal Engine 4 on your Laptop / Mac / Linux / PC but your device just isn't powerful enough?

    Or how about accessing your project in another room but don't want two installations / don't want to send your project to the other PC .etc?


    We're not going to be talking about turning the quality down in Unreal Engine 4, oh no. We're going to be talking about something far more awesome....


    What you need:
    • Two devices (One that can run Unreal Engine 4 just fine!) <- IMPORTANT
    • Steam (And Steam Account) [Installed on both devices]
    • One Home Network


    Step #1 - Sign into your computer that has Unreal Engine 4 installed.

    Step #2 - Get your butt onto Steam

    Step #3 - In Steam, go to Games > Add non-Steam game to my Library

    Step #4 - Click "Browse..."

    Step #5 - Find your Unreal Engine 4 installation folder.

    Step #6 - Open the folder with the most recent version of Unreal Engine in it (At the moment it's 4.4)

    Step #7 - Go to Engine > Binaries > Win64 (Or whatever one you're using!) and find UE4Editor.exe

    NOTE: My file path is: C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\4.4\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UE4Editor.exe

    Step #8 - Add it to Steam!

    Step #9 - Go onto your other device

    Step #10 - Load up Steam (Sign into the same account as the main device)

    Step #11 - Go to the Library and load up Unreal Engine

    Step #12 - Give it a moment

    Step #13 - Enjoy YOUR Unreal Engine 4 on a less powerful / alternative device!



    I don't know how useful this will be to some people but I sure know it's handy for me!

    - Ryan S, Project Lead

    P.S - I believe this can also work as PC > Mac, Mac > PC, PC > Linux .etc!
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    Just found this but It's been a few years now. Does this trick still work? This requires both machines run the same OS, right? Like both Windows or both Mac?

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    not bad! Although does require you to have 1 powerful machine in the first place, in which case I might suggest the cunning technique of waiting till you get home!

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    Awesome mate. I wish if my second pc was alive. Could've used this.

    Originally posted by KitatusStudios View Post
    Step #2 - Get your butt onto Steam
    I cant get past this step. Do you have a video tutorial for this?

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    Originally posted by zerofiftyone View Post
    Neat idea! I had never thought about using the in-home streaming stuff with UE4.
    Same until yesterday; It just seems a pretty handy idea to keep in mind!

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    Neat idea! I had never thought about using the in-home streaming stuff with UE4.

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