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Uefy 2.0 (Pro Edition) make Blender's rigify rigs compatible with UE4, also has a FREE version

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    ERROR SOLVED! Make sure to un-check 'All Actions' under Bake Animation in the FBX export menu.


      Hi there. First off, this tool is amazing and help so much, many many thanks to the developer of this small little peace of gold <3.

      I have 2 things i want to let you, and especially the creator know about.

      First: There is a small bug on the right hand thumb if you create the uefy rig based on the ue4 manequin. The roll of the thumb_03_r is not correct and you have to fix this before you create the control rig, otherwise the thumb will deform weird.

      Second: I have managed to get the rigify / uefy rig to work with the ue4 mannequin rig, so you can import animations directly onto the mannequin rig without having to retarget anymore afterwards. Beforehead it was only poosible to just import the rig and reuse animations built by others that use the mannequin rig, but with some small little tweaks it is possible to do your own animations directly for the mannequin, just if you where using the ART Rigging Toolkit from Epic for Maya.
      The reason i wanted this to work is that retargeting in Unreal always breaks the ik bones, wich is kinda annoying. This is true for Paragon Animations and also if you rig with rigify and retarget the anims in unreal onto the mannequin, especially for those who are using the Advanced Locomotion System (ALS) this will be a hazzle to fix the ik bones, if even possible.
      So i made it that i can rig in blender directly for the mannequin without the need of retargeting the animations and all the ik problems are gone.
      I will make a video of the workflow soon if you are interested and if you Waves are interested on how i did this let me know, i can provide help so you can build this into your next update


        Uefy 2.1.4 Released

        This release fixes an incorrect roll applied to the outer most bone of the right hand thumb. The issue was only for the mannequin metarig. Any custom characters built using the human metarig are already correct.

        You can use your existing emailed download link to get the updated version.

        PS: Thanks for pointing out this issue, it was going to be in my next update.
        UE4 Tutorials for 3rd person Blueprint project from scratch: Youtube Channel
        Use Blender 2.8 to make UE4 compatible animations: Blog


          Wow that was a fast update
          I have send you an email yesterday where i´m describing a very very specific problem. Can you maybe check your mail. I really wanna figure that one out to make the rig more suitbale for ALS.
          Like i said, i´ve managed to make the rig fit the mannequin directly, but it creates a bug when triing to match pose from another character (retargeted to rigify via unreal). I wanna show you what i have done so you can implement it better into your system.


            Hey there. I said i wanted to make a video of the process to add stuff to the rig so one can use the animations made with rigify directly with the UE4 Manequin rig. As it turned out, evertime i want to record a video of redoing the process, something goes wrong and i have to record it again cause i loose my concentration while recording. So let me try to explain the process with Text.

            Let me first try to describe the problem. If you wanna animate with the rig like it is now and want to export the animation to unreal, you have to export the UEFY Rig to Unreal, import the animations onto the UEFY built rig. Which is fine if you want to use your own rig, but, if you wanna use for example Advanced Locomotion and add to it, you need to retarget the animations from the UEFY rig to the Unreal Rig, wich is kinda tideous and annoying.
            What i want to achive is a solution to animate in Blender and export the animations directly onto the unreal mannequin so there´s no need of retargeting anymore.
            Also i wanna use the match pose feature of the UEFY scripts to retarget Paragon Animations in Blender, wich already works like a charm, but, after the chages i´ve made to the rig, there´s a bug with it that i cannot figure out. and i hope that you Waves can.

            First, you have to create the rig like explained in the video from Rakiz himself: "Easy rigging for UE4 Mannequin in Blender with Uefy 2.0"
            After you are done with it make sure you save the rig in it´s own file and export it to unreal so you have the UEFY rig within unreal already, because we need that rig later for retargeting.

            If done so, you have to go into the rig and rename / add a prefix to all the bones created by UEFY. (All bones that have the deform flag). In my case i have added the Prefix "UEFY_"
            Now we need the original unreal Mannequin rig. You should already have it cause if you have done the Video mentioned earlier, you had to use it, if you dont have the rig anymore, you need to export it again from unreal as an FBX.
            Now import the Mannequin Rig to Blender and leave the import settings like they are, DON´T use Automatic Bone Rotation!!!!! Leave everything like it is.
            Add a Prefix to the new imported bones from unreal, for example "TGT_".

            Now join the mannequin rig with the uefy rig by first selecting the mannequin rig, then select the uefy rig and press CTRL+J.
            For better visibility move the newly imported bones to an empty bone layer.
            After that you have to parent every TGT bone to it´s corresponding UEFY bone with "keep offsets".
            This makes sure every TGT bone moves with the parent UEFY bone, but, it also destroys the hirarchy the unreal rig had before, so we need a solution to get this back.

            Let´s import the mannequin rig another time now.
            Leave all the names like they are this time, because these will be the bones we will use for export and the name of the export bones should match the names of the rig in unreal, wich they do if you don´t rename them
            Join the rig into the UEFY rig by selecting manneqin first, uefy last and press CTRL+J.

            Now, you need to use Constraints, so the TGT bones will transform the Mannequin bones.
            To do this, select f.e. the TGT_foot_l first, then select the foot_l and add a Copy Transform to the foot_l.
            This has to be done for all bones.
            After this is done, you should have to shadow rigs underneath the UEFY rig that move perfectly with the uefy rig.

            Now you just have to enable the deform flag on the mannequin bones and disable the flag on the UEFY and TGT bones (Shortcut SHIFT+W).
            And the last but not least is renaming the Vertex Groups on the Mesh so they match the mannequin rig by removing the UEFY_ prefix on every Vertex Group Name.

            Now you should be able to animate with rigify and export the animation directly to the unreal mannequin.

            Now comes the bug that i canot figure out.

            If i take f.e. a Paragon Animation now, retarget it in unreal to the earlier created UEFY Rig, export the animation to an FBX and use the match pose feature from the UEFY script, the spine_fk bones get shifted in a weird way.
            Hard to explain what exatly happens, i hope the screenshot will help.
            What´s weird about this is, match pose works fine without the shadow rigs underneath, but, the shodwos rigs don´t mess up the hirarchy or anything else,
            they are just childs of the stuff whats already there. And, the match pose feature, if i understand it correct, does not move the deform bones or anything else, it only moves the control rig, wich then move the underliing bones.
            This is realy weird and i need help on this, i hope the explanation is good enough so you guys can follow, i don´t know how to describe this with less words and making a video of the problem is kinda hard too.
            What i prefer would be some kind of dicord screensharing or teamviewer or something else to figure this one out together whatever you prefer. I think making this work will help many people out there animating stuff for unreals mannequin.

            Best Regards.


            Here´s the image of how the pose comes out after using match pose on the shadow rigged uefy rig...
            Click image for larger version  Name:	rigify_match_pose_order_issue.jpg Views:	0 Size:	68.0 KB ID:	1821419
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