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Etherlinker for UE4 - interact with Ethereum blockchain from Unreal Engine 4

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    New update for UE 4.24 with solidity 0.5.0 support now available.

    All built-in solidity contracts and Showcase level examples were updated.

    If you're using the UE4 version below 4.24, download an example project for 4.24 and use the integration server from it. Also, copy content from EtherlinkerExampleProject\Content\IntegrationServer into your project.

    Some important info:
    • If in your custom contracts you're using solidity version higher than in demo contracts, then you need to update version of web3j libraries (web3j-maven-plugin and org.web3j.core) and the version number in "EtherlinkerExampleProject\Content\IntegrationServer\compileContracts.bat/sh"
    • If in your custom contracts you're using open zeppelin contracts, make sure that they aren't duplicate existing demo contracts inside "EtherlinkerServer\Stratum\src\main\resources\solidity" (otherwise it's better to update them).
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