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[TUTORIAL SERIES] Creating a World Map System

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    [TUTORIAL] [TUTORIAL SERIES] Creating a World Map System

    Episode #01:

    In this very first part of my new tutorial series, we create the project for our map system, import some assets, design a basic jumping parcours, define the borders of the world and already create the map component with some of its functions and events. Later we attach the component to the player character and test our new functions using debug messages.

    Nice tutorials.


      Episode #02:

      Today, we take a look at how to draw an accurate map for our level in an image editing software. After that we import the drawn image into our project and display it on the screen using widgets.


        Episode #03:

        In this episode, we implement two core features of the map system: We start by defining a key to hide and show the map and later add a visual representation of the player to the map and make its position on the map match the player's location in the world. Also, we figure out a very performant way to update the position of the player marker when the player moves around or jumps.


          Episode #04:

          The next core feature of our map system is the ability to zoom in and out, so we create the functionality for that in this episode. Apart from that, I show you how to pan the map when it is larger than the game window and we discover ways to modify the size of the player icon when zooming.


            Episode #05:

            This and the next episode will deal with setting up markers that can be placed on the world map. Today we implement the marker widget that is used when right clicking somewhere on the map and a marker actor class that is spawned in the actual level based on where the player clicked on the world map.


              Thanks for the resource. I've been curios about implementing a map, this should be really useful.


                Episode #06:

                To wrap up the functionality of the markers, we add a couple of more advanced features in this episode. These include updating the position and size of markers when zooming, applying different colors, removing markers and defining a maximum amount of markers that may be on the map at the same time.


                  Episode #07:

                  A feature of many map systems is that certain areas are hidden on the map until they are discovered by the player. Today we implement this particular mechanic using materials, particle systems, widgets and blueprints.


                    Episode #08:

                    In the final episode of this series, we implement waypoints that can be discovered in the world and clicked on the map to fast trravel to the corresponding locations. Also, we fix a bug related to the way we are able to pan around the map when zooming in.


                      Hello Gaime!
                      I found your tutorial very informative and usefull. Also it's well organized and just beautifull. I learnt so many tricks (overriding Mouse and keyboard event, the power of Component blueprints, and more)!

                      Thank you for charing!
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