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[Plugin][Released] LAT - Level artist tools. editor extension for 4.18.3

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    [Plugin][Released] LAT - Level artist tools. editor extension for 4.18.3

    Hello everyone,

    Recently I reached the release 0.2 milestone for my plugin.
    The aim of the tool is to improve workflow inside unreal 4 and to assist: level artist, level designers and world builders.

    I'm open for feature request, critique and feedback.

    Pre-build version:
    Source version:

    Transform tools:
    Mirror actor over local and world-space.
    Offset actor over world , local-space with ability to keep the original.

    Vertex color adjustment tools:
    Vertex selection based adjustments.
    Color fill & discard per channel and selection.
    Uniform color adjustment per channel and selection.
    Contrast per channel and selection.
    LOD Selection.

    Outliner staticmesh actor renamer:
    Renames actors based on Static-mesh component.
    Supports Prefix, Infix and suffix

    Combined instance actor : CIA
    Convert selected Static-mesh actors into one instanced actor.
    Separate the actor back into single actors.
    Adding new instances by combining single actors with the instanced actor.

    Known issues:
    Vertex colors don't propagate to lower LODS.
    Some settings in general settings aren't saved at the moment

    Incoming features:
    Rotation offset tool.
    Combined version of Mirror,Offset and rotation tool with number of iterations ( Something close to maya's duplicate special).
    Custom tear off panel creation, the ability to add desired tools into one panel.
    Lighting manager, a window that lists all the lights in the scene and adjustable parameters for each of them.
    More later.


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    Looks useful. It's strange, the actor to instance functionality isn't there natively in the editor.

    Do you have plans for a marketplace release?
    Can you elaborate on the difference in license options - "source (indie)" vs "source"?
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