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[PLUGIN] - Import GIS Data into UE4.

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    Originally posted by Bear . View Post
    Hi there,

    Apologies for the slight delay responding.

    The Pro version has been taking slightly longer as the result of a few other additions:

    1. We've added the capability to import height maps directly from DTM data. (I.e. No need to convert to 16-bit pngs with GIS software.)
    2. We've added the ability to drive blueprints from landscape splines. (I.e. Import GIS data as Landscape Splines and copy the control points/segments into Spline Blueprints. This means you can now use data imported through TerraForm to create things like power lines, rivers, roads (with intersections), hedge-rows etc.)
    3. We're just finalising an integration with World Composition, meaning you can use TerraForm (and GIS data) to create tiled landscapes.

    We're back to working on Pro now and have decided to add spatial database functionality. This means all data you import into UE4 using TerraFormPro will available for you to manage/select/edit etc...

    You will be able to upgrade to Pro if you buy the Lite version. We'll credit the full purchase amount for Lite towards Pro.

    All the best.
    Thanks for your reply sir.

    What about 4.20 ? All version compatible with UE4 4.20

    Any ETA for Pro and Light version for 4.20?
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      Hi there, i am interested in your plugin but i need more precise information since on your site i found it to be a bit confusing, first i only need to get terrain extracted from various world locations(i am aware that global coverage is often low res)and i have no need of any spline tools like road or anything else since the game is in an era where only horses ruled the world.(Should have stayed this way also).

      You have a free and a lite version so i just want to know which one i need to only get terrain from various world locations and if it is legal to use commercially?

      Thank for any clarifications.


        Hey there,

        first of all awesome project and thanks for that tutorial.

        I have a question to you all.

        I study International forestry and ecosystem Management and my semester task is too make a virtual plot out of existing data using UE4.
        Now the problem is I have never worked with a something like this before and I am up the creek without a paddle ...
        Have u got any tipps, tutorials for me how to manage this with no experience what so ever ?
        We have access to a lot of GIS data that we are allowed to use but I seriously don know how...

        I am happy about any help....

        I can do sound-design or background music for any of u as thank you due to me being a studied sound- and mixing-engineer.


          Great plugin with huge potential, but slow development and response to user questions. Still awaiting pro version and 4.20. Datasmith might even provide same feature soon...


            Terraform pro Team what is going on? All quiet for a very long period.

            It would be nice to give customers of your product or website visitors frequently updates of the development. At least the quality of services should be to keep your marketed products compatible with the latest Unreal Engine versions.

            Its obvious that your roadmap is to ambitious. Providing a new roadmap would be recommended. We all know development takes time. Keeping customers or even future customers in the dark for such a long time is not very user friendly and will degrade trust as partner in future products. .

            I still hope your TEAM will produce a great pipeline for GIS in UNREAL.


              I agree, not a great start to something with such potential.


                Hi chaps, apologies for the lack of progress recently. TerraForm is a side project for us and I'm afraid we got a little side tracked with our day jobs. Unfortunately our main C++ developer hasn't had a great deal of time to work on the project recently and we're looking for additional support to pick up the pace of development. If anyone has experience in C++ and knows UE4 well, please get touch - we'd love to hear from you.


                  I got "This site is not secure" message after clicking on the link in the first post.


                    hi, awesome plugin, but i have a question, is there any manuals to import not USA gis data? I want to create a landscape of my city, but it is not in the United States and there are no high-resolution images on the sites you submit. Can you help me?


                      Website not updated, last version of the app not released yet.... Doesnt sounds good