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    Originally posted by gotgrassct View Post
    Hi, is it possible to add my own Road and Intersection Meshs?
    Currently we do not support this, but using the custom road segments should be quite easy to implement. I have opened an issue for this on StreetArch github, you may place thumbs up on the issue to make it more important to us.

    Regarding the custom intersection meshes - the purpose of the StreetArch plugin is to enable creating intersections procedurally. Are you interested in having the possibility to use custom meshes in some intersection in addition to procedural ones? It can be done, but you will lose a lot of features for intersection editing and etc. Do you expect some kind of snapping for this? Please explain this further gotgrassct so we can add an feature request issue for this too if we can understand it better.
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    ---- StreetArch Procedural Road and Intersection Building Tool by YDrive


      Are buildings generated as well?


        Have you seen the Road Editor Plugin?

        Honestly, if this plugin was more like that, i'd love the **** out of this plugin. My problem with THAT plugin, is the developer doesn't respond to NO ONE, and takes MONTHS to update his plugin to a newer engine version. So while i waited for him to update the plugin to 4.19, i found this plugin. It seemed pretty cool, and eliminates the need to actually model roads. But it doesn't work all the time, and manually placing the roads with the transform tool is a pain. Instead of using the transform tool, it would be cool to Ctrl+Click the landscape to create spline points, and have the landscape react to it, and conform to the placed road.

        I suggest reading up on the plugin, and maybe copy some ideas from it, and make an even BETTER plugin then that guy. There are A LOT of people who bought that plugin, and are very dissappointed at the developer for a lot of reasons (no communication, tons of bugs, updates plugin every 6 months)

        It would be amazing if you can incorporate some ideas from that plugin into this one, or even create another plugin that does a similar job to that one. i'd pay twice the amount then he's charging!
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          Originally posted by stojke-y View Post

          Currently it is released and tested on UE 4.15. If you or anybody else would relay like to test it, but needs a different version pleas tell us, we should probably be able to provide. (Also we have not tested this binary with other versions, it might be compatible as is)

          We are currently interested mostly in receiving feedback from you guys! Than will see what are the most wanted features/enhancements and try to plan our relese schedule based on that.
          For now, we know that there is a great interest for the Open Street Map integration, and we will be working on it.

          So, please test usability of the plugin and then toss some comment or suggestion. We will be polishing things out in the following months going towards beta and full release.

          Nocturness Maybe I misunderstood - I answered regarding the release of fully featured plugin. But are you interested in buying (or downloading alpha version for testing) of this plugin on the marketplace specifically? If so, why? And would you consider getting it from our website or other place.

          I'd really like to test out your plugin, since I currently developed something very similar and it would be an honor to analyze some professional work to improve my own! I'm currently working with 4.20 and I'm struggling in recompiling the files. Any posibility to provide the Binaries for 4.20? Would be very grateful for this! Thanks.

          Greetings, Sara


            Could You please update this awesome plugin to UE4.21 ?


              Or is there a way to get souce to build it myself ?


                Does the beta version work with Linux and 4.21 also? I wouldn't mind trying it out. It is useful for what I am doing. I like the road snapping ability and procedural randomization.