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    Max = 5.0. Useful for some brushes.


      I think i made a mistake, i installed gfur pro v2 and then installed gfur free version, now i don't get gfur pro grooming tools xD is there a way to repair that ?

      Edit : (nvm i solved it myself)


        ax448 Thank you very much for the information and sorry for late reply

        I do have an other question : How is it possible to change the min screen size value to increase the distance of fur disappearance ?

        Right now even with min screen size to 0.0, the fur disappears quickly when I get some distance between character and furry mesh. Which line/value in the plugin would allow the fur to remain visible with most details possible at greater distance ? (regardless of performances)



          hey i'm getting a crash on gfur pro

          Unhandled exception

          UE4Editor_GFur!FFurMorphObject::Update_RenderThread() [d:\build\++portal+dev-marketplace+full\sync\localbuilds\plugintemp\hostproject\plugins\gfur\source\gfur\private\furmorphobject.cpp:98]
          UE4Editor_GFur!UGFurComponent::UpdateFur_RenderThread() [d:\build\++portal+dev-marketplace+full\sync\localbuilds\plugintemp\hostproject\plugins\gfur\source\gfur\private\furcomponent.cpp:908]
          UE4Editor_GFur!TGraphTask<TEnqueueUniqueRenderCommandType<`UGFurComponent::updateFur'::`2'::SkelMeshObjectUpdateDataCommandName,<lambda_225572b41f6fe970c4285d8305547670> > >::ExecuteTask() [d:\rocketsync\4.22.0-5660361+++ue4+release-4.22\working\engine\source\runtime\core\public\async\taskgraphinterfaces.h:842]

          Any help?


            After a lot of testing it seems to be related with the morph targets, if i set morph target on my mesh in runtime it just crash.
            if i don't use it it works but if i use the node it just crash :/
            Click image for larger version

Name:	Anotação-20191024-040957.png
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Size:	33.9 KB
ID:	1677612

            i just bought the PRO version cause you guys said it had morph target support, and i'm not even using morph target on the growth mesh i'm applying it to the character mesh, funny that it worked fine on the free version to apply morph targets on the character mesh, if i knew i would have not bought the "PRO" version :/, can you please fix it?


     GFur Pro unrealized I believe that this technology was created to implement physics with minimal cost. Interaction with the wind, correct handling of the displacement taking into account winds (there can be many sources, for example, fans), even this is not supported in the version that is silly called pro. It's just the same gif 1 layer, you can make moving wool !!! What a shameful implementation!


                GiM s.r.o. Heyo, I was just wondering, would it be possible to take a look at RT GI support? (Through Unreal's built in RT.)

                RT shadows behave pretty much as normal, and you need to use contact shadows to get in-fur shadows. That's pretty much what I expect.
                RT AO also behaves as you'd expect, and overlays properly, though it's only based on the model's geometry. Again, as expected.

                But gFur doesn't accept any light from RT Global Illumination. Which makes it darker and less directionally lit than other objects in the scene.
                Is this something you could take a look at? Even just seeing if there's a way to apply GI that hits the base model, to the fur, or something like it.
                (Tested in u4.23)


                  GiM s.r.o.
                  Unreal Engine 4.24.0(source code) + GFur Pro 2.1.5 + "Xbox One or PS4"

                  Setting up Unreal Engine 4 project files...
                  Binding IntelliSense data...
                  WARNING: Library '\Engine\Plugins\Marketplace\GFurPRO\Fbxsdk\lib\x64\libfbxsdk-md.lib' was not resolvable to a file when used in Module 'GFurEditor', assuming it is a filename and will search library paths for it.
                  This is slow and dependency checking will not work for it.
                  Please update reference to be fully qualified alternatively use PublicSystemLibraryPaths if you do intended to use this slow path to suppress this warning.
                  \Engine\Plugins\Marketplace\GFurPRO\Source\GFurEditor\GFurEditor.Build.cs: warning: Referenced directory '\Engine\Plugins\Marketplace\GFurPRO\Fbxsdk\include' does not exist.

                  Binding IntelliSense data... 100%
                  Writing project files... 100%
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                    Hi sorry but is there a gfur for dummies tutorial?
                    I am just a dumb DAZ and iClone user and I am totally lost cannot do advanced stuff

                    I basically want to just grow some hair on a skullcap but it seems to select the entire mesh and importing and adding the skull cap as a component to my player loses my player animation BP even if I use the same rigging, I never had any luck parenting stuff to third person players only "animated NPC's" I drop in the scene

                    I render animated videos either retargeting a figure and then capturing it running through a scene from the editor in a standalone screen or by dropping FBX animated figures in the scene. I can attach a hair cap to the latter and if it is a skeletal mesh can in theory grow hairs on it, except I see no hairs only the orange highlight and cannot find that painting mode to grow it.

                    I tried growing hair on animated animals in scene too, no luck, don't know where to find the tools shown in the video.
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                      Hey GiM s.r.o. , now that Unreal is working on it's internal hair rendering system, would it be possible to tweak your grooming tools so that they can alter/generate splines for the hair system?
                      You're already generating splines from each vertex and manipulating them, right? If there was just a way to either:
                      A: Export/Save gFur groom as splines unreal can use for the hair rendering.
                      or even
                      B: The ability to use gFur grooming tools on the new Hair splines in-editor would be very useful.

                      If you can just export the groomed splines as an abc with the splines in, you could just have unreal reimport it as hair splines.
                      I imagine a lot of people would be willing to fork over some money to be able to groom characters in-editor, and Epic hasn't mentioned any plans to add those tools themselves, as far as I'm aware.


                        That's an interesting idea. Should be doable, but probably there will be some limitations. We will investigate this.


                          Awesome, good luck.
                          And who knows, maybe you can tap into the whole niagara x splines setup they're using for hair physics, and can use that for gFur as well, down the line.



                            Experiencing an issue where the fur will disappear randomly, and sometimes just by adjusting the camera angle. What could the issue be?

                            Here is a reference