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    I just grabbed this today, was looking forward to playing with it, but it doesn't work. I dropped q3converter in the same folder as the BSP files, but everything I've tried for -gamepath and -outdir just keeps saying it can't find the BSP file. For example, q3converter_x64 -gamepath "./" -outdir "./" -file "test.bsp", which I would assume would check in the current folder, but it doesn't work.

    So, I don't need all the extra "-gamepath, -outdir", I just need it to find the BSP in the current folder, and output the converted file to the current folder, e.g. use it simply like "q3converter_x64 -file q3q1dm4.bsp" and it just works, no extra path parameters. Any chance we could get a fix for that? Or get the source so I can fix it myself... =D


      don't working for rtcw


        Couple of things to help others who would like to use this tool:

        - You must unzip the .zip file using 7zip. Windows built in zip tool doesn't like the .zip that Ley0k provided in his original post.
        - The .fbx file that is created by this tool is not scaled correctly. The reason is that 1 q3 unit is 1 inch and 1 UE4 unit is 1 cm. So the map is less than half the correct size.

        I created a python tool to fix the scaling issue. You can download my python script here:

        Simply enter `2.54` as the scale factor and your map will import at the correct size.




          The tool is complaining that my RTCW bsp version is too new (47 instead of 46) Can we somehow update the version of q3map2 used in the binary?


            Would I be able to use some maps I made for CoD4? I don't mind re-texturing them.


              I search "bsp to fbx" around 943y, Danke for great tool

              //for RtCW & ET
              Q3map2 latest version... sometime will error with "odd lump size" and this tool cannot load bsp file v47 (need convert to .map)
              - use Q3map2 (32-bit) (v2.5.10) convert .bsp to .map file
              - convert .map file to .fbx with this tool later