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[Free][Windows only] UE4Duino 2 - Arduino (COM port) communication

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    RVillani Thanks for this plugin - it's incredible. Do you plan on ever making it compatible with Mac?


      Originally posted by jessekirbs View Post
      RVillani Thanks for this plugin - it's incredible. Do you plan on ever making it compatible with Mac?
      Thanks! I can't take all the credit. I can't take most of it actually haha. I just improved an existing plugin.
      No plans for Mac. I'm not a fan of Apple, I don't own one and don't plan on doing so. It's too expensive compared to building a PC of same power and not cool for gaming.
      Sorry for the rant, but I don't wanna create false hope xD
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        I finally did it (USB HID communication on Unreal Engine), but I don't think you will be able to implement it in your plugin since it's a little special plugin I did.

        I splitted the plugin into two parts, one is to use my program with a little modification applied:

        And I used a short code C++ plugin that will communicate with the previous tool in order to have the USB data inside unreal engine.

        So, how do you want that, a tutorial or I give you a template + the USB tool.

        I tried to implement the USB tool inside a C++ plugin, but it crashed and slowed the game since I need an infinite loop in my USB tool.


          Hey folks,
          I came across some weird behaviour regarding keyframes in recorded Takes.
          I have a simple cube that I constantly rotate by a fixed value around itself using the "AddRelativeRotation" node. Recording that using the Take Recorder I get an animation curve that looks like this.

          stepped animation curve

          I rather assumed a straight linear curve. Also I can't explain myself why there a always 2 keyframes "inside" the same frame. I thought I would get 1 keyframe per frame.
          In the Take Recorder I set "Remove redundant tracks" to false as well as "Reduce Keys". However, enabling "Reduce Keys" shows the same behaviour.
          BTW: this behaviour is also shown when recording data received via Arduino or from a Vive tracker.

          Hopefully someone can help me out on this one.


            Hello everyone,
            I have been working with this library it is really good.
            I started a project in which I am making a graphic user interface using the unreal engine for a Scara Robot.
            I am using this library for serial communication.
            the problem I have is that :
            I want to make the serial port variable "Arduino " in your case general, in other meaning, I have different widget display in which I want to interact with them all.
            since I am new to blueprints. i tried to create the "Arduino" variable in my character and then use it's reference in widgets .
            the question is that :
            IS IT POSSIBLE TO MAKE THE SERIAL PORT VARIABLE "arduino" a reference or should i create a new variable and open the port and close it whenever i open a new widget .
            or it is possible to create a global "arduino variable " and use the method get player character to get it the other widgets.
            thank you , i hope that i have explained my problem well .