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    [PLUGIN] Arduino Ethernet to UE4 Plugin...

    Hello all,

    I currently use the UE4Duino plugin over Serial and had some great results sending / receiving date from my Machine Simulation,
    I am however looking into connecting my UNO up to UE4 via Ethernet (W5100) to be precise,

    The application is a machine on screen to which you can walk round as in any other UE4 game, but the machine will be connected through a coms link (Serial / Ethernet) to a PC

    Then a PLC will be connected to the Arduino INPUTS / OUTPUTS Both Digital and Analogue basically simulating the operation

    I know this has been done before using SCADA software , but nothing looks as realistic as UE4 ?

    Anyway, if you can assist me in any way , or like to get involved in this project please get in touch

    Has anyone ever done this before?
    Is there any C++ code about I could use to look at a plugin?

    There's lots to say about this and I could go on for ever, but my main issue at the moment is getting rid of Serial and moving to Ethernet

    Thanks in advance