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    I like the idea of giving a free copy for a good story, respect for that, but I honestly question who in his right mind is going to make his great game idea (which he put a lot of time and thought into) public here for everyone to steal, just so MAYBE he can get a free copy of a plugin?

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    Well, since your project is really well thought out, my 2 cents:

    Somethings not right. You open your eyes, wide. Nightfall seems to have fallen ... but ... where is outside? You cant seem to locate where you are and where you arent, the smell, which smell, there is no smell. You feel disoriented. Does this make any sense? No it doesn't.

    My goal is to make a kind of Surival Open World Game with MMO elements. I don't wanna go too deep into details, since I fear my Ideas are so they arent. I'm just a bit too lazy to type it all out. When time comes you will see the result, until then this makes no sense at all.

    Greetings from Germany

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    I'll try my chance for the giveaway with a new project I think of.

    First let me start with the story:

    Year 2253.
    Humanity have seen great changes: no more countries, one unique language, one unique currency, etc.
    Technology is now smaller, better and mostly everywhere, even in humans.
    Rich people could afford some "Upgrades" and turn themselves into "Cyborgs". Their upgrade give them better view, greater strength, etc.
    It's hard to see difference between a non-cyborg and a Cyborg.
    You could think that everything is now nice and everyone leaved in harmony but it's not. The difference between rich and poor is now bigger than ever.

    For the past few years two groups emerged from this:
    The "Humanity faction" that want to stop cyborgs, and take the control back. They blame the cyborgs to be rich privileged people that rules the world and do everything to increase the gap between poor and rich.
    And the "New specie" Faction that think non-cyborgs are the roots of all problems and they need to served or be erased from the earth.

    You are not really rich, but not poor. The game start with you on a plane.
    You could choose to be a human or a cyborg (and choose some upgrades).
    You start with 10 points that could be used to get starting objects or, if you choose cyborg, upgrades.
    Humans could use tools do the same things as cyborgs. They will have good relation with the "Humanity" faction but very bad with the "New specie" faction.
    A player that choose cyborg could choose one or more update. Using special cyborgs ability will deplete a "Energy gauge" and this will need to be recharge to used it again. They will have good relation with the "New specie" faction but very bad with the "Humanity" faction.

    When you finish to choose, you’ll see from the windows a kind of EMP bomb that explode and make your plane crash.
    You'll start in a forest next to what's left from the plane. You'll found that "Humanity" send this EMP to start a war against the government and "New specie" used this chaos to send militias to kill non-cyborgs.
    You will encounter lot of different places during your trip (small cities, roads, towns, etc.) and you'll meet animals or peoples that may or may not help you, and may or may not try to kill you.
    You'll found that technology is mostly destroy by the EMP (No train, no more plane, lots of cars disables, no more electricity, etc.) and it's the chaos outside.

    For the gameplay, you'll have to survive and try to not make "Bad" encounters (at least for the beginning).
    You could choose to stay in a forest and survive as long as you could or you could choose to be a part of the war by joining one of the two faction.
    Tools using technologies are better but need energies, lot of crafting, could be tracked via an "energy tracker" when they are in use
    Primary tools are less powerful but easier to make, and invisible to an "energy tracker".

    Sorry for my bad English.

    Thanks for the giveaway and for your game template!

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  • started a topic [GIVEAWAY] Multiplayer Survival Game Template

    [GIVEAWAY] Multiplayer Survival Game Template

    Update: This giveaway has closed! The winners have been announced in this post. Thank you everyone who entered! In the meantime - the template is now on sale for 25% off on both the UE4 Marketplace and Gumroad! You can read more about this over in this post. Thanks!

    Hey guys.

    So, it's almost been one month since I released the multiplayer update to my Survival Game Template, and the response has been overwhelming, with over 100 copies sold in that time!!!! I've already released 5 updates for the system since then (with a 6th one coming in a matter of days), patching out all bugs that have been brought to my attention, as well as adding new features such as unlocking crafting recipes with books, regenerating health, randomized container loot, and a heap more. Documentation is still being created, and I do want to increase the frequency of that, but the documentation being done is very detailed and thorough - you can see this over at the hub at The discord server (which you can join via this link) I run for support is now just short of 100 members, with many of them quite active, and some of these members will be submitting tutorials and free content for use by the community!

    In the near future, I intend on adding more documentation, adding even more features via updates (you can see the MSGT roadmap here), and continuing to actively support the template and the community surrounding it. But to celebrate the success of the template thus far, I wanted to do something a little different.

    As such... I will be giving away a few copies (2 or 3 depending on how many people are interested) of the template for free! And anyone who owns Unreal can enter to win! All you need to do? Submit a post here giving your most interesting survival game idea! Maybe you want to make a survival game set in the ocean, where you play a single solitary dolphin being stalked by great white sharks. Perhaps you want to take the survival genre into new directions and make a religion-based survival game, where a group of religious zealots take over a small town and you are left trying to sneak about to gather supplies to survive each day. Or maybe you've got a brand new spin on the normal zombie-survival formula that you think will stand out above the noise... Whatever your idea, it doesn't even need to be crazy and different, share it here and on the last day of February (the 28th) I will choose a few winners and announce them here in the thread, as well as on the official Multiplayer Survival Game Template thread, the MSGT Hub and a few other places such as Twitter and the like. Winners will receive a PM via this forum and simply have to provide an email that I can send a 100% off discount code for the template on Gumroad to and bam, you will have a copy of the template, completely free of charge, with full legal right to use it in game development, and with full access to any and all future updates. Maybe you can even make that sick idea that won you the contest then!

    Some simple rules...
    • One entry per person. You may change your entry at any point, but at the time of selecting the winners, the most recent idea posted by you will be considered your entry.
    • Winners will be chosen based on their ideas and what I think is the most interesting. These choices are final.
    • The giveaway is being run by me (as the owner and creator of the tempalte) and is intended to be a celebration of the template's success in 2017 so far. The giveaway has absolutely nothing to do with Epic Games.
    • You will need a Unreal Engine account to use the template, and the template is only intended for use in Unreal Engine. You will be bound by the same use restrictions as any other purchasee.
    • Upon winning, winners will receive a free copy of the template via Gumroad via a discount code entitling them to a once-off purchase at $0. This will entitle them to all updates, bug fixes, and future additions to the template.

    For those who are unaware of the template and it's features, I've included the trailer, along with some information, below. You can check out the release thread here, or view the item on the marketplace here for even more detailed information. I look forward to your submissions as well as seeing what people do with the template in the future (winners and purchasees alike). Thanks for taking the time to read this, and thanks for all the support of this product - it's been amazing

    - apoisonedgift

    Some information on the template...
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